Mapping Ecologies


Maike Gebker and Susanne Wieland

Mapping Ecosystem Interactions

Image by Maike Gebker & Susanne Wieland

Ecosystems depend on the intricate and often delicate balance of behaviours across a multitude of species. In the sciences, however, species are often studied in isolation or in relation to one other species, resulting in data, visualisations and knowledge that misses the complexity of phenomena in the overall ecosystem.


We created a map that illustrates the network of relationships between different trees, herbivores and pollinators in the UK, as currently documented in research literature. The map visualisation indicates how changes in the population of one specific organism could affect others and the ecosystem more broadly. By modelling the interaction between species, the map also allows for better understanding of impacts of changes and interventions, either in terms of climate change or direct rehabilitation programmes. The visualisation further demonstrates the lack of data (and therefore research) on the interaction of specific species drawing attention to opportunities for further research.



Image by Maike Gebker & Susanne Wieland
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